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Title: Translated in the Spirit by Bruce Allen
Date: 22 August 2008


Translated in the Spirit 
by Bruce Allen

At the tender age of four, Bruce Allen was playing with his brothers and sisters when he suddenly blurted out, "We are going to be here when Jesus comes back." One of his siblings asked, "Who's Jesus?".

The four‑year‑old Bruce only shrugged and went back to play.
"All my life I've had premonition of things to come before they happened," said Pastor Bruce when he came to Kuala Lumpur towards the end of last year to bring the message of the Third Day Prophetic Ministry to all Christians.
According to Pastor Bruce the Third Day is the times we are now living in which is the beginning stages of paradise. After the Old Testament period, comes the Gentile period and then paradise when Jesus returns. Although Jesus has not yet come, the ending of the Gentile period signifies us entering into the last or third stage where Satan is defeated and the spiritual temple raised in the New Jerusalem.
According to Pastor Bruce this return of Jesus is to take place very soon because we are in the beginning stages of the
third day. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that every believer understands that an outpouring of signs and wonders will take place in this day because the gospel must be preached all over the world before the kingdom comes.
"The Keys of the Kingdom have been released to Christ's Warrior Bride in order to fulfill the plans and purposes of the Lord as stated in Isaiah 22:22: The key of the house of David / will lay on His shoulder, So he shall open and no one shall shut; And He shall shut, and no one shall open."
"However, we are not called to follow the signs and wonders or the people behind them. What we are called to do is press on to be mature sons and daughters of God and set ourselves apart as Holy vessels for the glory of God. Then signs and wonders will follow us," warns Pastor Bruce.
Pastor Bruce has been blessed to experience these signs and wonders in a way very few people have. He was translated in the spirit while ministering before a full congregation at Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, USA at Rending The Heavens conference in December 2002. He was suddenly caught up in the Spirit and found himself looking down on the continent of Europe. He was taken to a city and God told him it was in the nation of Latvia. He then came to a block of flats and was led to enter flat number 212.
"In that apartment I saw a little girl kneeling beside her bed, crying and praying to the Lord. Instantly I knew her name. It was Natalya. She didn't seem surprised or afraid to see me. I asked her why she was crying and she told me that she and her parents were hungry and cold, her parents had lost their jobs and now they were being evicted by the landlord. I was led of the Lord to comfort and encourage her and pray with her. Once I had finished praying with her I returned to the conference.
"The congregation did not suspect anything amiss because my body was still there in their presence. They did not know my spirit had left, gone to Latvia and returned. However, when Robert Bartow, a professional photographer took a photograph of me while in translation my body looked transparent as if it were an apparition," said Pastor Bruce. (Photo above was taken by Robert Bartow of Pastor Bruce in translation).
Pastor Bruce was excited when he received an invitation to minister in Latvia this year. He had never been there physically. "I feel in my spirit that I will be meeting this girl."
Pastor Bruce hopes through his ministry Still Waters International, to do away with the placebo gospel and raise up Christians who want to get serious with God. For this purpose the ministry has set up training centres in various countries to conduct Third Day Signs and Wonders Courses which lasts for about four months.
"Translations, being taken up to heaven, visitation by angels and Jesus are getting more common now in this third day because the end is near. In Iraq today there are a few hundred churches when there were hardly any before. And most of the people came to the Lord through a personal encounter with Jesus. The time is short and that is why He is appearing to more people, even non Christians and more people are being taken up to heaven," said Pastor Bruce.

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